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Everything you need to know about organic cotton

Everything you need to know about organic cotton

Cotton is a key factor among many outfits and is one of the fabrics for every season. The best thing about this fabric is that it helps in the production of lightweight and comfortable clothes. Whether it is a Saree, Shirt or Salwar-Kameez, all of the clothing pieces use cotton in majority. But recently, a new discovery has been done in the field of fabrics and that is production of organic cotton. Organic cotton is being grown successfully in countries like India, China and Turkey.


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What is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is a type of cotton that is grown using eco-friendly practices to attain soil fertility, reduce usage of toxic pesticides and fertilizers and to maintain biologically diverse agriculture. Only organic methods of production are used by the producers in order to achieve their goal of organic production. The cultivation of the cotton is done is the most natural way to avoid any use of chemicals and to save the environment from getting destroyed due to intense methods of agriculture.

Benefits of organic cotton

Apart from being organic, there are several other benefits of producing organic cotton. These are not only helpful to the environment, but also to humans.

1. Less effective on environement

Since the usage of toxic chemicals are eliminated in the production of organic cotton, that helps in keeping the texture and the nutrients of the soil intact. It uses 88% less water and 62% less energy. On the other hand, the conventional cotton uses 16% pesticides and 29,000L water.

2. Safety at work

There is safety in the working conditions since the farmers and even the fauna is not exposed to the toxic pesticides or fertilizers. Hence, it not only provides livelihood but also helps in protecting the health of the living beings.

3. Future scope

It is said that by the year 2025, there will be water shortage in the world. But that’s the benefit of adapting organic cotton plantation since it uses 88% less water which results in harvesting of water for not only present, but also future.

4. Impacts on our food system

 There is a huge impact of organic cotton on our food. The organic seeds of organic cotton are majorly used in the production of vegetable oil, cookies and chips. Therefore, having products made out of organic cotton not only adds richness to our diet but also provides us with unadulterated food system.


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Facts about organic cotton

1. The non-organic cotton uses 29,000L water where as organic cotton uses only 7,000 L.

2. One of the best factors of organic cotton is that it is skin-friendly and is harmless fiber. That’s the reason the fabric produced using organic cotton is used for cleaning newborn babies.

3. The production of organic cotton uses no fertilizer, that’s why it is beneficial for not only environment but also for our health.

4. Organic cotton also helps in cost cutting since the methods used to produce organic cotton do not include buying expensive materials.

5. Quarter-pounders worth of chemicals are used in the production of a cotton t-shirt. But with the adoption of organic cotton, every clothing piece produces is free of such toxic chemicals.

Organic cotton in fashion

These days a lot of fashion brands have started using organic cotton to produce clothes. Since there are so many pros to organic cotton that is the reason so many brands worldwide have started adopting organic cotton. One can find many organic cotton shirts online and one such brand is Artless. We make sure to produce clothes that are eco-friendly and are sustainable in nature. For us, the environment matters as much as our customers and that’s why we care for the both. To buy from our premium range of shirts, go to our website and bring Artless home.