About Us

ARTLESS is a curation of luxe India-inspired menswear, womenswear and lifestyle products.

We work with talented young designers and local artisans from across the country to bring you the best of affordable luxury, reimagined for the modern, millennial consumer.

An ARTLESS patron is a design fiend and believes that God lies in the details.

They appreciate the finer things in life. They like to stand out, have a voice that matters and live in harmony with culture and nature

They are start-up founders, bakery owners, pet lovers and globe trotters who are still deeply rooted to their heritage.

Our products

Our products will make you both feel and look good. Nature-inspired and crafted with care, each piece spells effortless style.

Just like your grandmother's beautiful heirloom chanderi sari or your grandfather's vintage HMT watch, our products evoke nostalgia, reminding you that beauty lies in simplicity. Our artisans create products that are honest, pure and good for the environment.

Each of our creations is a window into the immense talent around us -

Our artisans are our true heroes.

And we are constantly mesmerised by the magic they weave into each piece.

Our design philosophy

At ARTLESS, we understand the value of handmade, the purity of natural yarn and take pride in creating honest products. We are dedicated to a conscious lifestyle and handloom heritage.

We are not driven by trends and seasons, we are inspired by India's rich crafts traditions.

Our Mission Is Simple:

To Elevate your everyday fashion

Come with us on this journey and discover our country through its many art traditions.

meet the team

Our team is the beating heart of ARTLESS. We are artists, experts, innovators and collaborators. And together we are on a mission to give you the most honest, affordable and stylish brand you deserve.

Debarshi Ghosh


Just like many urban men looking for affordable luxury and slow fashion products, Debarshi too was disappointed by the dearth of good quality menswear in India. So, he decided to take matters in his own hands and set up ARTLESS. Earlier, he spent a few years working with tech-forward companies such as OYO and Hilti.

Anupriya Khare


This young leader is an aesthete and dabbles in all kinds of design, but her heart truly lies in textile crafts. With ARTLESS, she's finally giving form to her passion. Armed with over 8 years of experience in e-commerce at companies such as PayTM, Anupriya is now excited to work with young artists and designers.

Seventh Triangle Consulting

Tech Team

Seventh Triangle Consulting is an E-commerce-focused growth hacking firm based in New Delhi. Since 2015, the company has been working with over 65 clients, of which seven have been backed by PE/VC funds since their engagement.

Buy less Choose well Make it last

-vivienne westwood