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How Timeless Is The New Fad

How Timeless Is The New Fad

As commonplace as running after trends has become, timeless garments are breaking through the market slowly yet surely.

The pandemic popped the bubble the world was living in by sending in shockwaves of issues that we have left undealt. Among other things, this sparked conversations about how we as inhabitants of a smouldering hot planet are leaving things to fate and refuse to take accountability like an infant throwing tantrum. Talks of sustainable and conscious living started floating around, ricocheting people into a frenzy of looking for ways to do damage control.

In today’s times of greenwashing, looking for truly sustainable brands is a tough bone to crack so seeking timelessness seemed like a good place to start. As the trend of chasing trends is dying a slow death along with a shakedown of fast fashion brands, sustainable shoppers are looking to invest in classic pieces that will stay with them till death does them apart. While such pieces hold a certain panache that radiates a classic sartorial appeal, they also enable you to save a huge chunk of your salary that fast fashion brands lure you to spend in its entirety.

Being a responsible indie brand, ARTLESS has always floated on the boat of timelessness which is reminiscent of decades past. The foundation line of the brand shouts of an aesthetic of clear, cut silhouettes that will last longer than time and are made-to-measure for both everyday wear and OTT occasions. Chasing trends that are deigned to fall prey to planned obsolescence eventually

is a road Artless as a brand avoids. From our chanderi fabric Amali Printed Paneled Kurta to our breezy linen 50Ft Wide Shirt, classic styles that complement individuality resonates more with the ethos of our brand.