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Size inclusivity: The right fit for the fashion industry

Size inclusivity: The right fit for the fashion industry

Inclusive fashion is not a cherry on top but the whole damn cake when it comes to the fashion industry.

By Priyal Verma

The curvature of our bodies has been warzones for unsolicited opinions for eons now (and still counting). Too short, too petite, too big, too fat, these small words have weighed heavy on our heads as our bodies were labeled into boxes meant to shame them. But we are on a corrective path now, I like to call it more of a cleanliness drive, trying to lick clean the society of its fears and biases with different body types.

So, in an attempt to normalize bodies of all shapes and sizes, the fashion industry is (somewhat) stepping up towards size-inclusive fashion with more of it being seen on the runway, draped on the likes of Ashley Graham, Paloma Elsesser, Precious Lee, and more. But the cleanup is never easy, is it? Whether it is fat tax pointing discriminating against bigger sizes or plus-size fashion being a masquerading ball including sizes only till the good ol’ XL, we at Artless are still salty about how the size inclusivity movement is being shouldered.

So, as agents of change and a brimming revolution to let everyone love their bodies silently without judgments, size inclusivity reigns high as a priority at Artless. Our luxe garments, soaked in nostalgia are tailor-made for every shopper not just to dwindle raw waste but also to ensure it fits you like a glove, no matter your shape and size. Our brand ethos is rooted in the principle of ‘individual shirts for individuals.’ Moreover, our no-mass production policy takes us away from the sham of “one size fits all” that disregards differences in body types. The dearth of avant-garde plus-size fashion infuriates us hence, our principles are cemented in curating the same designs to all sizes, without any discrimination. If size-inclusive custom fits don’t make you feel on top of the world, we don’t know what will!