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The Jackets of Summer

The Jackets of Summer

The New Jacket In Vogue: Overshirts

An ode to1800s France, Overshirts are enabling strides in both menswear and androgynous fashion as outerwear that is equal parts functional and avant-garde.

By Priyal Verma

The world has worshipped leather jackets and trench coats for the longest time and even though it's timeless sartorial appeal is undeniable, we will let them go if we love them. In that spirit, the term "Shacket" or "Overshirts" came prancing about which made quite the stir. Overshirts are the mother of all casual jackets (yes, we mean you, denim jacket), sewed into a warmer fabric with a headwear design.

How Were Overshirts Born?

Tracing its roots landed us up in 1800s French where the kind of bulky work that railway workers did, demanded them to wear something light yet warm. Enter:Overshirts that strolled into high fashion after originally being a working-class style. Another functional element that makes the overshirt a wardrobe essential now is the front pockets because come on, who doesn't love some extra space.Used to stash small worker tools in the 1800s now has become a holder of our gums and airpods.

The entry of overshirts hasn't upped the menswear game but also furthered androgynous fashion where women also clad themselves in overshirts. Plus,overshirts give us a freelicense to layerup without a bulky outlook and if this isn’t a pro,we don’t know what is.

Considering all this, Artless wanted to embrace the silhouette with tweaks of our own, namely, unexpected blobs of colour in our Baseline Over Shirt, lip pocket details like in our Free Throw Over Shirt, and a quirky colour palette. To fall into this ‘fall’ trend, hop onto Artless now.