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Who says you cannot feel like a Royal even when you aren’t blue blood? That’s right! No embroidery is better than Kundan embroidery if you want your outfit to outshine and look dazzling. Originated in Rajasthan, it is a procedure where Kundan, a traditional gemstone, is used to decorate outfits. The word “Kundan” means highly refined gold and is used as jewellery.

It is also known by the names of Bikaneri or Jaipuri since it was founded in the royal courts of Rajasthan and Gujarat. 


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History of Kundan

Kundan was originally discovered in the 19th century and the work became popular when the artisans started to use semi-precious stones in combination with Zardozi. Traced in the Mughal era, Kundan used to be under royal patronage in the lands of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Artisans from every part of the country migrated to the state of Rajasthan to learn this art. 

Similar to Zardozi, even this art was heavy on pockets because of the increasingly high costs of gold and gemstones. Kundan is an amalgamation of Zardozi. Once the Zardozi work has been done on fabric using silver and gold threads, precious stones are studded on it. 


The process of making Kundan

The making process of Kundan is very complex. First, the Kundan jewellery is made which involves shaping it, making holes for the stones and then the pieces are enameled. Lac is applied and gold is applied over the lac. Gold is again applied to the sides to give the final appearance. Mostly Silk fabric is preferred for Kundan embroidery apart from Georgette and Chiffon fabrics.


Faces behind the Work

A special set of craftsmen can only perform the art of Kundan. Certain steps have to be carried out. The basic design is done by the Chiterias and the process of engraving is done by the Ghaarias. Meena Kundan has a different process where the Enamleller does the Meenakari work and the final gold setting is done by the Goldsmith. 

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About Artless

Kundan is such beautiful art and being a part of our royalties, Artless feels like this art should be promoted in the present era. We feel like everyone deserves to be treated like a Royal and it’s only our outfits that represent us. Artless takes a proud in keeping our traditional patterns and designs alive through our brand and our fashion. That way, our present generation will come to know the true art and artists of our country.