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Why Is It So Important to Adopt Sustainable Fashion With Organic Clothes?

Ever wondered how much water your shirt required? I bet you would be shocked to hear that one cotton shirt requires two thousand seven hundred litres of water! Yes, you read that right. Cotton needs a lot of water to grow. It requires 713 gallons of water to produce enough cotton needed for one T-Shirt.

The current water crisis is huge!

Currently, 14.28% of the world’s population do not have access to water. By 2025, the figures are projected to be around two-thirds of the world’s population facing water scarcity. Brace yourself for you might be one of them. In this scenario, there is a need to conserve water.

Fashion Industry and greenhouse gas emissions

On top of that, the textile industry produces 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas every year, which contributes to global warming. The United Nations has estimated that ten percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions come mainly from the fashion industry. It is growing exponentially every year.

The fad revolving around clothes

In today’s times, the consumption habits of people have reached alarming heights. The clothes have become more of a daily commodity where people hoard several garments for the sake of variety without actually wearing them often. The clothes industry is producing a large volume of clothes to meet those needs. It is negatively impacting the environment.

How can organic clothes help the environment?

Organic clothes are made from naturally sourced fibres like Jute, Silk, Ramie or Wool which do not require many resources. They are then spun by hand to create quality clothes. These clothes are durable for a more extended period. They place less burden on the natural resources of the environment and also contribute to less greenhouse gas emissions. Essentially, organic clothes pave the way towards a sustainable fashion.

Why do I not see organic clothes everywhere?

Organic clothes are a little higher on the price scale compared to the cheap clothes available in the market. This price factor is mainly because of the resources involved in the creation of organic garments. On the bright side, they are worth the price because they last longer than regular clothes.

Why should I buy organic clothes?

Considerable efforts go into creating 100% organic clothes. The weavers weave them with love and care. The knowledge of this helps you feel warm, comfortable and loved. Playing your part in sustaining nature’s resources is an added bonus. Buying one organic T-Shirt and wearing that often is a way better investment instead of buying several less durable T-Shirts that are not worn frequently. After all, do you not want to leave a better world for your children?

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