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The trend of Minimalist fashion

The trend of Minimalist fashion

With the changing trends, daily we come across one or the other new fashion style. While most of the people are gaga over buying new clothes to keep up with the fashion trends, but there are also these new fashion trends that support the idea of minimalism.

Long gone are the days when the “full closet and nothing to wear” jokes were mainstream. Lately, a lot of people have started to follow this new trend of minimalist fashion. Just like home décor, minimalist clothing has begun the new cool and is quite popular among the millennials. Let’s dive into more details about this trend of minimalist wear and how it is beneficial.


                                      Credits: Harpers Bazaar

 What is Minimalist fashion?

Minimalist fashion is defined as a simple fashion where you keep less clothes in your closet. These clothes may be are of specific colours, streamlined shape and less in number. With the changing era, a lot of people have started to follow minimalist fashion because the key factor here is – Simplicity at its best!

The form of minimalism clothing began back in 1960s and has become a trend over the years. The idea behind it is to attain the sense of fulfillment even when you have less. This not only promotes sustainable fashion, but also encourages people into not buying fast fashion clothes.


Benefits of Minimalist fashion

Not one but there are so many benefits to Minimalist fashion that makes it such a wonderful concept. It teaches you to be gratitude with what you have and be satisfied with it. Here are a few more more benfits of adopting minimalist clothing –

1. Budget

Minimalist fashion helps you in setting up your time, energy and most of all your money. You spend less on the clothes and thus, you have enough bucks to spend it on other useful things. Apart from budget, you need not to spend time in thinking what to wear or not as you can easily choose the perfect outfit for your party.

2. Teaches shuffling

Minimalist fashion teaches you how to shuffle and match your one clothing item with another. This way you can experiment with your clothes and can come out with new ideas that may compliment your personality and make your look stand out of the crowd.

3. Tidier closet

With minimalist wear, you will have a small and clean closet. This way you need not to worry about how to make space for new clothes and you can easily remember each item that you own. You don’t need to search for a particular item.

4. Impact on the environment

Minimalism impacts the environment at a larger scale since 13 million clothes are thrown away each year. But this can we prevented if people adopt sustainable fashion methods and discourage fast fashion.


Define your style

With minimalist clothing, you can easily define a style of your own through which people will recognize you. We all are defined by our face, personality, body language and also clothes. Minimalist wear will lead you to have your own style that will make you different from others. Things to keep in mind before going ahead with it –

1. Get a visual insight of what do you like to wear and what defines you in general. Your visualization will help you further choose the clothing pieces that should belong to your wardrobe.

2. Learn about the patterns or styles that suit you and you really like. Do you like slim fit or baggy jeans? Do you like blouses or t-shirts? All these patterns will help you in connecting the dots.

3. Define the colour palettes that you would like to follow and have in your wardrobe. Do you like dark colours or bright colours? All this matters when you are going for a minimalist wardrobe.

4. Last but not least, get rid of any clothing piece that doesn’t suit you. Rather donate them or give it to someone who likes it. Don’t dump it because one of the main motives of minimalist fashion is to follow eco-friendly fashion.


How to maintain a Minimalist wardrobe

First you need to learn how to sort the clothes. You can put them into two general categories –

  1. Long term
  2. Short term

The long term clothes may be that aren’t restricted to any particular season and can be worn at any time. These pieces need to always in trend so that you can wear them at any event or occasion. For example: A cocktail dress which is perfect for any summer or winter party.

The short term clothes are mostly seasonal and can be worn for a certain time. Clothing pieces like caps, gloves, swimsuits, etc. are short term investment. One thing you can do is to have a set of these trendy clothes of a specific number. That way, you need not to waste money on them and you can wear them all season long.


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