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Linen VS Cotton fabric – which one is better?

Linen VS Cotton fabric – which one is better?

Since summers are around, it’s that time of the year when we update your wardrobe. But we often find ourselves in confusion as what to buy or not. Apart from following the latest fashion trends, we also want a fabric that feels comfortable and lightweight to drench that summer sweat. One needs to look fresh and upto date in order to make an impression. That’s when these two fabrics come to our rescue – Cotton and Linen. You can find so many clothing options in cotton and linen online in India but the debate goes around that which one is a better fabric? So let’s find out.

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About Cotton

Cotton fabric is known for its soft, silky and breathable texture which makes it a prior choice in the summers. The heat resistant quality of cotton and its durability works as a great advantage. Cotton is a natural fiber and is often used to produce shirts, tshirts, suits and sarees. Finer than the linen, it absorbs upto 25% moisture.


About Linen

Linen is known for its durability but one of its drawbacks of linen is that it develops wrinkles easily. Linen is produced naturally using the flax plants and is 30% stronger. Even though it is strong, it is still thin, light and is preferred for its cooling properties in summers. It is said to absorb 20% of the moisture and is often used to produce shirts and dresses.


Linen vs Cotton

Here are a few factors that say a lot about both cotton and linen. On the basis of these, one may come to know that which fiber is better than other. These are –

1. Appearance

The appearance of both the cotton and linen is as such that they wrinkle easily because both of them are natural fibers. Even though both appears to be lightweight, but cotton is softer than linen and also smooth in appearance.

2. Durability

The durability of linen is more than the cotton since the threads used in the weaving of linen are thicker, which leads to an extended life cycle of a linen clothing piece.

3. Breathability

Both the fibers are breathable in nature but cotton is more of a comfortable fabric because of the thin weaving done to create it. But a few cotton items like denims have thicker weaving which makes them less breathable.

4. Absorbency

The absorbency rate of both the fabrics is really efficient and both of the fabrics are strengthened by water. But the absorbency rate of cotton is a bit higher than linen as cotton absorbs 25% of the water whereas linen absorbs only 20%.

5. Strength

When compared strength, linen fabric is stronger than cotton due to its weaving pattern that uses thick yarns. Because of this ability, the durability of linen is much better than of cotton.

About Artless

No doubt, both the linen and cotton fabrics are better on their own and both of them work as wonders when turned into a clothing piece. Whether cotton or linen, you will be glad to know that our brand provides shirts made out of both fabrics. Now buy cotton and linen shirts online in India only from Artless and get to choose from a wide range of shirts, t-shirts and other home necessities.