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Western clothes VS Ethnic clothes

Humans have three necessities: Clothes, food, and shelter. Out of which, clothes are very necessary to keep up us warm, cover our body and also to make us look better. But nowadays, fashion has gone through many drastic changes and one has a lot of choices to choose from. The two divisions that exist in India in terms of fashion are Ethnic clothing and Western clothing. If we look at the majority of the population then maximum women in India prefer Ethnic clothing, while the women in Metropolitan cities prefer Western clothing. 

Importance of western clothes

In India, women have started adopting Western clothing on a huge scale. They wear jeans, trousers, shirts, t-shirts, dresses and much more. Different people go for different outfits with multiple colors as per their preference. There is no doubt that western clothes make you look elegant. A lot of corporate brands have also started to set a particular dress code that needs to be followed by both men and women. One can buy western clothes both online and offline. 

Importance of Ethnic clothes

As much as Western clothes are classy, Ethnic clothes have their grace. The traditional outfits can be worn for day to day activities and also for special occasions. The Ethnic clothing for women comprises of salwar, kameez, sarees, lehenga, churidar, etc. In North India, women prefer salwar kameez, whereas, in South India, women usually wear Sarees. You can also find different fabrics for sarees such as cotton, pattu silk, chiffon, georgette and more to choose from. Lehenga and Shararas are mostly a perfect fit for weddings or other important events. 

Ethnic clothes V/S Western clothes

Both western clothing and ethnic wear are special in their way. While the majority of women prefer western clothing as they find them comfortable, some women find comfort in wearing Ethnic clothes. It will be unfair to say that one or the other is better. But in most of the cases, the clothing depends on the occasion. But one thing that western clothes cannot justify is the culture and tradition of our country.

Decreasing popularity of Ethnic clothes

Since people are adopting Western clothing more and more, there has been a decrease in Ethnic clothing. People belonging to Gen Z and Millennials age group are more inclined towards Western clothing. One can also observe how factors like peer pressure, the need to appear up to date with the society and to get along with the people of the same group too affects the choice of clothing. According to a website, the ratio of ethnic wear to western wear has decreased recently from 70%:30% to 50%:50% and may decline further to 30%:70%.

Transformation in Ethnic clothes

These days, the Ethnic clothing is produced with a tinge of Western clothing in them. A shirt like kurtas has become massively popular among young girls that can be work with either jeans or salwar. Not only this, a famous brand like Satya Paul has also introduced trouser-sarees which are easy to drape and comfortable to carry. Because of this experiment, a lot of women have again started to adapt to Ethnic clothes. The look does matter but what matters is the ease at the end of the day and this fusion of Ethnic and Western clothing gives them both.

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